Wednesday, October 13, 2010

22 inch LCD monitor offers an affordable solution for enjoying clearer, crisper & brighter images

If you wish to enjoy high resolution photos and videos, but can’t afford to buy the high-end monitors available in the market, consider 22inch LCD LG monitor. This LG monitor is a perfect combination of superior technology and convenient features that promise to deliver a clearer, crisper, and vivid image in an economical solution.

The 22 inch LCD monitor uses DAFI™ technology and features RCM (Real Color Management) which allows the LG monitor to display colors that are vivid and natural. ACE (Adaptice Color and Contrast Enhancement) enhances brightness and contrast for offering high quality videos and high resolution photos.

The particular LG monitor has 30000:1 Digital Fine Contrast. Such a high DFC ratio makes it ideal to offer sharp and bright images in films, animation, games, and photos where there are moving images with variable brightness levels. Full HD in the 22inch LCD monitor provides twice better picture quality than normal HD Panel.

Other superior features of this LG monitor LCD are 4:3 in Wide -Aspect Ratio Control, 5ms - Lightening Fast Response time, and 16.7 Million Color Display to let you enjoy crisp, clear, and bright images.

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