Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buy LG 32 inch LCD TV: experience flawless entertainment!

For those of you who are planning to buy 32 inch LCD TV, LG brings you High Definition LCD TV to let you experience flawless entertainment. LG 32LD345 LCD TV comes power packed with innumerable features, such as HD Ready Dynamic Contrast Ratio (70,000:1) Response time 5.0 ms 10W+10W Audio Output (Watts - THD 10%) Surround System (Infinite Surround), Clear voice II Audio Out, Simplink (HDMI CEC), and Energy Saving (5 Modes).
HD Ready

It is a HDTV standard which specifies the progressive scan resolution of 1366 x 768. This figure represents the vertical and horizontal pixels on screen.

Response time 5.0 ms

It is the minimum amount of time taken for a pixel to turn on or off.

PC Connectivity

View images in ultra-rich resolution on your LG LCD 32 inch TV by connecting to your world of multimedia entertainment on your PC.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio (70,000:1)

High Dynamic Contrast Ratio of the LG TV captures blacker blacks and crisper whites, giving you a Detailed and dynamic picture.

Clear voice II

The Power of controlling mid frequencies automatically enhances the sound of human voice when background noise swells.

Simplink (HDMI CEC)

Simplink is a system which connects various audio/Video devices through a single HDMI cable.

In addition to offering you a stunning visual experience, the new LG HDTV with its exquisite design will enrich your lifestyle and inspire your style quotient.

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Watch movies & enjoy music even while you are on the move with LG portable DivX DVD player

LG portable DivX DVD player is a perfect entertainment solution for those who are always on the move. This unique product lets one watch one’s favorite movies, view images, and enjoy music even when one is traveling.

The LG DP 171 Portable DivX DVD player is a slim and sleek, stylish DVD player. It comes equipped with several state-of-the-art features like a built in 7 inch wide Swivel LCD for increased flexibility, built in stereo speakers for maximum voice clarity, multi format playability, ability to playback VCD/ SVCD/WMA/JPEG/ Kodak CD/ CD-R/ RW/DVD R/ DivX in this DVD, on- screen Graphic User Interface, 100x High Speed Smooth Scan that offers videos with crystal clear resolutions, removable battery pack with a backup of 3&1/2 hours, wireless remote control, and an in-car charger of DC 12V for uninterrupted dose of entertainment.

If you are someone who is lifestyle savvy and is in sync with the latest technology, the LG portable DivX DVD player is a must-buy for you.

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As well as stylish and the latest DVD players, here you will also find home theatres, HD DVD player, and DVD home theater systems.

LG Technology

From mobile phones to home appliances to digital media appliances, LG is leading the electronics industry across the globe. LG products are a result of intense, ongoing research and development being carried in the LG institute of technology, spread in various parts all over the world.

The manufacturing and production processes, as well as the product technologies that are being used by LG have the potential to re-shape the everyday life of its consumers. At LG, they create solutions for a simpler, yet revolutionary lifestyle for their customers.

LG Electronics, for instance, develops top-quality core technologies such as CDMA, GSM, UMTS (WCDMA), and HSDPA-and offers services based on the most advanced mobile communication environments. LG mobile technologies in this all-encompassing networking era enable limitless communication throughout the world, creating a consumer-oriented, synthetic network service that merges audio and data into one.

The LG Electronics Digital Appliances division focuses on providing customers with comfortable, sound, and stylish products for the home. LG technology aims to develop silent, low-vibration, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly appliances worthy of its Global Top 3 market position.

LG Electronics' R&D centers continue to produce revolutionary display and communication technologies. LG Electronics focuses primarily on flat-panel displays, including PDP and OLED, to retain its competitive advantage in the digital display market. LG is also leading the way with the research and development of next-generation technologies such as 3D display technology.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

22 inch LCD monitor offers an affordable solution for enjoying clearer, crisper & brighter images

If you wish to enjoy high resolution photos and videos, but can’t afford to buy the high-end monitors available in the market, consider 22inch LCD LG monitor. This LG monitor is a perfect combination of superior technology and convenient features that promise to deliver a clearer, crisper, and vivid image in an economical solution.

The 22 inch LCD monitor uses DAFI™ technology and features RCM (Real Color Management) which allows the LG monitor to display colors that are vivid and natural. ACE (Adaptice Color and Contrast Enhancement) enhances brightness and contrast for offering high quality videos and high resolution photos.

The particular LG monitor has 30000:1 Digital Fine Contrast. Such a high DFC ratio makes it ideal to offer sharp and bright images in films, animation, games, and photos where there are moving images with variable brightness levels. Full HD in the 22inch LCD monitor provides twice better picture quality than normal HD Panel.

Other superior features of this LG monitor LCD are 4:3 in Wide -Aspect Ratio Control, 5ms - Lightening Fast Response time, and 16.7 Million Color Display to let you enjoy crisp, clear, and bright images.

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With LG music mobile phone in your pocket you will always feel fresh & lively

Music is believed to be an effective stress buster. Listening to melodious music in-between work can help relieve stress and anxiety thus making you feel fresh and lively for better and effective work performance. And, with LG music mobile phones, listening to your favorite music to relax and unwind yourself is really easy.

LG provides a wide range of mobile phones that have in-built dual side speaker, wireless FM, MP3, 2.1 Channel active sub-woofer, Wireless FM with Live recording, FM hot key, MP3/MPEG4, Free 2GB Memory card, Dolby music, DivX, 3G, Wi-Fi, FM with internal antenna, along with additional features like 10 hrs talktime, Speaker phone, Anti theft mobile tracker, 2MP Camera, LG mobile theft insurance, and much more.

Tune in to your favorite FM station to listen to the latest songs or store your all time favorite songs and listen them whenever you want. With LG music mobile phone in your pocket or purse, every moment can be melodious and enjoyable. Whether you are driving, climbing the stairs or in the lift, having your coffee, or thinking something crucial, the LG music mobile phone is there to pamper you.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Monitor: For your eyes only

Isn't your old CRT monitor boring? Now, bring in some colors and excitement to your house with the new LG LCD monitors! The LG monitor enables you to watch sharper and true to life pictures. It also blends perfectly with your interiors and gives your home a fresh appearance!

An LG monitor brings alive the pictures with its truly cutting edge technology! It's like being a part of the entire action! An LCD monitor will infuse a fresh breath of life into your movies and videos and multiply the pleasure of watching it! So, gear up to enjoy a brand new TV watching experience!

An LG monitor is also as sensible as it is smart. It will protect your eyes and keep it free from stress. So now sit back and enjoy those exciting cricket matches without straining your eyes! You will also be in for a pleasant surprise in your electricity bill as LG monitors are energy efficient!

LG is a world wide leader in the field of monitors. The company also manufactures various other exciting gadgets. The website provides complete information about the company and its products.

Convection oven: The compliment winner

Are you renowned in your family for cooking special dishes? Well, then pamper yourself with the latest convection oven from LG which will enable you to make finger licking recipes! So, get ready for a standing ovation from your loved ones in the next birthday party you throw!

LG microwave oven is a perfect blend of good looks and cutting edge technology. LG ovens feature the new intellowave technology which offers uniform heating and enables a holistic cooking process. The oven also comes preloaded with exciting auto cook menus which enable you to personalize your cooking. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to surprise your loved ones with brand new recipes everyday!

LG convection microwave will also help you get into that ensemble you have been eying for long! After all, it hardly uses any oil and also cooks low calorie food to keep you in that perfect shape! So just embrace yourself for those lovely compliments coming your way! With its smart control and floral external appearance, using an LG microwave will be truckloads of fun!

LG offers convection ovens and various other exciting gadgets. The website provides complete information about the company and its products.